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Artist Interview - Evie May Adams

We caught up with the super talented illustrator, Evie May Adams to chat about her brand-new series of maps. Evie is still quite new to the art world, having graduated from Norwich College of the Art in 2015 with a degree in illustration, she has gone on to establish herself as an artist on the rise. Evie’s style encapsulates a desirable yet surreal aesthetic, captivating audiences through her ethereal world that depicts mystical animals and symbolism drawn from medieval folk art. 


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How did it feel to see your brand-new designs at Spring Fair 2018?

It felt really weird! I’ve never been to Spring Fair before and to see all my new designs on show was surreal. Before this, I had only ever seen my designs on products through a screen, so it was amazing to get to touch and see a tangible product that featured one of my drawings.

Have you always wanted to be an illustrator?

Well, my dad was an illustrator in the 80’s, and he's now an independent artist. My mum was an Art Director and is now a print-maker! So coming from such an artsy family, I was encouraged to draw and explore my creativity from a young age, so I can’t really imagine doing anything else. It’s so important to do something you love.

Lots of artists struggle to find a definitive style, yours is very unique, how did your style develop?

*Laughs* style comes with time I think. I kept lots of sketchbooks for a long time which really helped me find a way of working that didn’t feel pressurised. Throughout my degree, it was very important for me not have all my work on show, and to keep some work private just for myself which freed me to develop my style over time.

Your new map range is quite a shift from your existing collections, what drew you to create your maps series?

I was definitely excited to try something new, I have never done anything like this before. In the beginning, I was a little bit nervous and wasn’t sure if I could do it because site-specific artwork holds a lot of value, and people become very sentimental about their homes, I know I do.  I felt a lot of responsibility depicting such popular cities, but I found that after the first design, I found a rhythm. I learnt loads throughout this new project.

Do you have a favourite place?

I’d say St Ives in Cornwall. It’s such a beautiful place, and there’s always something to see and do. My family and I have been going there every year since I was little. I’d love to celebrate it with one of my maps one day.

Do you do much research before embarking on a new project?

I do lots, especially for this project as I really wanted to capture the important landmarks of each place and represent each city for those you love and live there. I started with Edinburgh first and collated loads and loads of photos to work from.

Do you have plans to continue illustrating locations?

I’d love to expand the collection! It would be amazing to have the time to create a huge, self-indulgent map and really get into it. I’ve really enjoyed this project and have realised that branching out from your usual style as an artist really helps build confidence and generate creativity.

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