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Choose A Sustainable Future, Choose Star Editions

At Star Editions, we are always looking for ways to be greener. That's why we love to shout about our sustainable products and our 100% organic cotton clothing options. Working on an eco-friendly tomorrow is a fundamental core value here at Star Editions and we wish to share that value as part of our wholesale goods packages.

Make A Sustainable Switch Today, Not Tomorrow...

We are delighted to be able to say that for every standard product we stock and supply, we can offer you a greener alternative. With many sustainable product options to explore, including 100% organic clothing such as t-shirts, tea towels, tote bags, you can be proud to offer your customers a sustainable alternative. Our own carbon footprint is reduced as we manufacture and proudly print everything right here in the UK. That's right, the work is done right here at our Suffolk HQ, so when you buy from Star Editions, you too are choosing a greener wholesale alternative.

sustainable clothing

Leading by example, our own staff uniform from Stanley/Stella is the highest-quality sustainable clothing option available. 100% Organic cotton, vegan-approved and super soft to the touch - the team loves them!

Why Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is cotton that is grown organically or naturally. Its production does not involve the use of pesticides or fertilisers and requires less water than generic cotton growth. This makes it an earth-friendly agricultural practice. Organic cotton is very much in demand, with established brands such as Nike making the switch from standard cotton, and we have done the very same.

Whether you are seeking your brand logo mass printed on new workwear, looking for high-quality tote bags to hand out at expos, shows or exhibitions, or wish to fill your shop with licensed tea towels, we always advise you choose the 100% organic cotton option. Additionally, our paper and wood items are FSC-friendly.

sustainable products

How We Are Striving To Be Greener...

Apart from being able to offer our own high-quality sustainable products, we are always looking for ways to be greener. Star Editions has partnered with Offset Earth to plant 500 trees every month (50 tonnes of CO2 removed per month). Plus, we are ever so proud to announce the first-ever Star Editions Earth Day in 2020 where we will completely shut off production and power down for 24 hours so that the team can plant trees all day in person.

We offset our carbon footprint via Offset Earth

Sustainable Products Right at Your Fingertips

We make wholesale easy. You can easily browse our collections to view all our designs and see exactly which products they're available on. Our t-shirts, tea towels, and tote bags are all available in 100% organic cotton. Choose from a broad selection of official licenses such as Roald Dahl, Gruffalo, Moomins, Mr. Men and so many more nationally recognised brands.

wholesale sustainable products

Furthermore, our bespoke wholesale service is here to cater to custom enquires. Whether you are a small local business, growing SME or startup, or an international enterprise, our in-house experts can help bring your designs or logos to life. With a passionate and creative design studio, state-of-the-art equipment, you won't have to wait long for the end product. We are always excited to hear about new projects and can work closely with you to deliver a spec that matches your expectations.

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