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Star Editions the go to printer for fabric thanks to New Anglia’s Business Recovery and Resilience Grant Fund

Last week saw Star Editions take delivery of the new GoTx® 4190 and GoTx® 2190 Industrial textile printer - all thanks to the help and support of New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership.

Will Marston, CEO, Star Editions commented: “When COVID hit us, we realised that our wholesale business was going to take a huge time to recover, but that our online business had suddenly doubled in size overnight, with much more growth potential possible, if we could speed up the print process for some of our more labour intensive textile products. We knew exactly the machine we needed that would make the most difference, but in all honestly, it wouldn’t have been possible without this grant, and for that we are extremely thankful. With times as they are, we would have had to think twice about the additional outlay, but with their substantial grant and the guidance to get this over the line, they were able to make this a reality. So a massive thank you to all involved in the process.”

This industrial textile fabric machine, enables Star Editions to more than keep up with the growing demand in their Print On Demand products. The new machine is the first in the UK and offers not only a faster and more premium print quality, it also opens up a raft of new product developments, with the ability to print on to a wider range of fabrics.

Star Editions are absolutely delighted to have acquired such a cutting edge machine, and to be the first in the UK to be able to print in this way.

Since the machine has been installed last week, Star Editions have already been approached by an exciting start-up, looking to work with a British manufacturer in bringing their own sustainable fabric to market – and Star Editions now well and truly fit this profile (along with their eco-division

To find out more about how Star Editions can revolutionise your fabric and textile printing, get in touch on 01473 598020 or

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